Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment sent shock waves around the business community when it came into force in October 2012.

Every company has been given a staging date – the date your automatic enrolment duties come into effect. By this date your company must have a pension scheme established into which all employees aged 22 or over who are earning more than £833 per month must be automatically enrolled. They can choose to opt out, but you, as the employer must enroll all staff initially.

Since it was announced, more than six million workers have been successfully automatically enrolled as part of the government’s workplace pension scheme.

However, worried by the misinformation about expense and time, many business owners are burying their head in the sand, ignoring their staging date and hoping the Auto Enrolment issue will go away. It won’t!

For those who haven’t yet taken action, be warned – there are serious consequences for those who don’t act fast, including big fines and even imprisonment.  Already, small businesses in the UK have been slapped with more than £25 million in fines for missing the government’s Auto Enrolment deadline.

Mitchells’ expert Auto Enrolment team – Liz Fisher and Hari Mehta – is helping businesses fulfill their Auto Enrolment duties easily and cost effectively.

Auto Enrolment doesn’t need to be a headache or expensive. For details of Mitchells’ tailor-made, cost-effective, fully compliant Auto Enrolment solution, speak to our expert team today on 01246 274 121 or email

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