Corporate Finance

With an HS2 station heading to Chesterfield and Sheffield it’s time to get your business ready to capitalise on the opportunities that the £50 million investment will bring with it.

Whether you’re looking at an acquisition, to enter a new market, refinancing, profit improvement or a business sale, Mitchells’ specialist Corporate Finance team can help, offering a complete end-to-end service for your business.

We offer a comprehensive Corporate Finance service for clients both locally and nationwide that includes:

Access to finance

Our specialist Commercial Finance division has already helped many SMEs throughout Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire raise tens of millions of pounds in finance, and we can help your business.

Scott Ashmore Club TaxisWe have extensive experience of successfully arranging multiple bank funding packages for businesses across a wide range of sectors, including hospitality, manufacturing, commercial construction, healthcare, insurance and transport, with finance amounts ranging from £100,000 to £50 million – and at extremely competitive fees.

Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we can identify the most appropriate finance structure and source of funding to enable you to achieve your business goal. As financial experts, we can add value to this process by undertaking a financial health check of your business to identify potential areas for cost savings as well as positioning it favourably to lenders. There are finance solutions for most businesses, and we will find the right one to enable yours to grow and keep more of your profit.

In certain sectors, we also work in partnership with specialist finance brokers providing access to a wider network of specialist lenders.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins

Tony Bunting Amber PlasticsWith our experience of the buy-out process, we can assist you in getting the best deal with our negotiating ability, preparation of a robust business plan, financial forecasts and our knowledge of funders.

Over the years, we have assisted a number of clients through the buy-out process which typically includes:

  • Advising on the value of the company and brokering this with the vendor
  • Providing all the financial modelling required by funders
  • Advising upon the detailed deal structure to facilitate the acquisition
  • Providing the necessary tax advice

Financial Due Diligence

Usually a pre-requisite for banks and venture capitalists, our due diligence service can also help uncover “skeletons in the closet” that might affect your decision to acquire or invest in the business. After the due diligence process, you’ll have a much better understanding of the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the target business.

Selling your business

Matthew Brailsford Custom SolarIt’s never too early to start planning your business sale; in fact, the best time to do this can be when you don’t have to. Selling your business may be the time when you finally get to reap the rewards of a lifetime of work. Or it might be the opportunity to cash in when the conditions are right, before you start your next venture.

We can assist you through the whole sales process, so talk to us today and we’ll help develop your exit strategy to ensure you obtain the best price and terms possible for your business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mike Whitehead Alma CareAn opportunity to increase your market share and profitability. We can support you at every stage of an acquisition, providing an independent valuation, carrying out a financial due diligence, negotiating on your behalf and securing the most appropriate deal for you. We can assist you throughout the whole process providing advice on tax, compliance, financing and deal terms.


Business Forecasting

Having an accurate picture of your likely profits and cash flow needs thorough financial forecasting is crucial for the continuing health of your business.

Forecasting isn’t based on your business performance and predicted performance alone. It also involves that of the market around you – not just now, but for the next three to five years, enabling you to anticipate and plan accordingly.

At Mitchells, we’ll use our technical expertise and knowledge of your business to help prepare realistic, commercially aware budgets that enable you to set cash flow and profit requirements and provide a benchmark against which you can measure your actual results.

We can carry out regular reviews of the forecast to ensure the business stays on track as well as helping you set and monitor Key Performance Indicators.

Business valuations

Business valuations can be used to determine the economic value of a business or company for a variety of reasons, including business sale, consequential loss claim or shareholder, partnership, matrimonial or contractual disputes.

At Mitchells, we draw on our years of experience of both local markets and business sectors to help you determine a fair value for your business.

Strategic planning

The pressures of keeping a business going on a daily basis mean that strategic planning is not always given the attention it needs, resulting in rushed decisions, chaos or missed opportunities.

At Mitchells, our specialist strategic planning team has a wealth of experience in providing expert and professional business planning advice. Our advice and practical help putting systems in place which will result in increased efficiency and further growth, will let you concentrate on running your business, allowing you to do the work you want to do.