Forensic Accounts

The phrase ‘forensic accounts’ can instil fear in a company director, but not at Mitchells.

Our forensic accounts specialist, partner Tim Leeman, personally handles all forensic instructions, providing barristers and insurance companies with forensic accounting and litigation support services.

Analysis, interpretation, summarisation and the presentation of complex financial and business related issues alongside legal concepts and procedures are all in a day’s work for Mitchells, where forensic accountancy services are provided across five main areas:

  • Dispute services
  • Investigations
  • Asset tracing
  • Business intelligence services
  • Forensic technology

We look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation, whether it is the share valuations in a matrimonial breakdown, corporate fraud or taxation matters.

Working on a fixed fee basis up to the final report stage, Mitchells has a reputation for delivering exceptional client service and value for money when it comes to forensic instruction.

To discuss how our Forensic team can help you, contact our expert witness Tim Leeman on 01246 274121 or email