Not for Profit & Charity

If you’re a charity or Not for Profit organisation, it’s other people’s money that you hold and essential that this is properly accounted for and your stakeholders reassured.

Mitchells team of specialist third sector advisers and accountants understand the changing legal and regulatory environment in which you are operating. They are highly experienced in delivering the following services to charities and Not for Profit organisations:

  • Accounts production
  • Audits
  • Incorporation advice
  • Assisting with setting up trading subsidiaries
  • VAT
  • Status advice
  • Guidance on trustee’s responsibilities
  • Management accounts
  • Assistance in establishing financial systems
  • Payroll
  • Strategy reviews

For charities and Not for Profit organisations, the focus can often be on outcomes rather than money; and we agree. Outcomes are key, but so is ensuring your charity or organisation continues to be financially viable, has a long-term future and continues to achieve what it was established to do. And we will be right by your side every step of your journey.

Charity or Not For Profit organisations operate within a dynamic, competitive and highly regulated environment. Mitchells has the specialist team and experience dedicated to ensuring that our third sector clients go beyond survival. Drawing on our extensive commercial experience we enable charities and Not for Profit organisations to make strategic decisions resulting in superior outcomes.

As well as delivering an extensive range of accounting, audit and taxation services, our specialist team is able to advise trustees and executives in other key areas, including strategic plans, internal controls and trustees’ responsibilities to risk reviews, fundraising controls and investment policies.

To learn more about how we can help your charity or Not for Profit organisation, get in touch our specialist Tom Gregory, 01246 274121 or email