All businesses that are VAT registered with a taxable turnover above £85,000 needs to take action!

Do you file your VAT returns quarterly?

Did your quarter end fall on 31 July 2019?

If so you will need to make sure you have signed-up with HM Revenue and Customs before you can file your MTD return for the first time.

There are specific sign-up windows depending on a businesses’ VAT periods & whether VAT payments are made via Direct Debit or not. For businesses who’s quarterly return falls at the end of July, the relevant sign-up windows are as follows:

For a business that does not have a direct debit set up, you can sign up between 9 June and 4 September 2019.

For a business that has a direct debit set up, you can sign up between 15 June and 28 August 2019.

Still not sure how to go about things?

Mitchells tax advisers can guide you through the whole processes of VAT submission, including Making Tax Digital and the software solutions that make it seamless. Why not call us today and let us handle everything for you.

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