Why Financial Planning Is So Important

Never underestimate the value of protecting your business, your key personnel, your employees and you!
As a business owner, your personal finances are intrinsically linked to those of your company. Mitchells Financial Planning offers professional, independent financial advice that considers both your business and personal needs.

Is your business protected?

We believe Business Protection should be a key part of any business plan, as it helps you be prepared for the unexpected.

Have you considered what would happen to your income were you unable to work? What would happen to the business and its employees if you weren’t there? Our expert team of independent financial advisers will talk this through with you and help you develop a protection plan unique to your business.

Have you thought about your retirement?

Research by Experian suggests that more than 80,000 profitable companies owned by business owners aged 60+ are wound up each year in the UK. This is because some business owners don’t realise the value in their business and for convenience just wind up the company and retire.

Mitchells Financial Planning are experts in this area. We can provide advice and create an exit plan to ensure your company can either continue to trade or be sold profitably, ensuring more income or capital for you to enjoy in your retirement.

Is a pension still the right choice for my retirement income?

Oh how times have changed. What was once a simple decision as to which pension provider to pick to provide your retirement income is now a minefield of investment choices, with all the technical jargon to go with them.

Terms like Annuities, SIPPS, SSAS, Drawdown and Lifetime Allowances all add to the mix of confusion.

What is clear is that with so many options to consider it’s vital to get expert advice when planning how to fund your retirement.

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Where are you on your business journey?

If you are a business owner the infographic below shows what provisions you should consider at each key point within your business cycle. Here at Mitchells our aim is to be pro active in the advice and services we offer. We are fully committed to keeping you informed and equipped with all the necessary support and services to protect you and your business. Only then can we be sure that you stay on track, prosper, grow and are prepared for any eventuality that may come your way.

Is your business plan on track?

Is your business plan on track?


of business owners don't have a formal exit strategy


of businesses will fold within 18 months following the death or critical illness of a key individual


average number of business owners that are not aware that a Director's Loan needs to be repaid on death

Are you making the most of your business?

Protecting you and your assets.

By arranging your personal and business protection through your business means you can offset any premiums you pay against corporation tax, resulting in you paying less!

Efficient tax planning.

Never underestimate the difference a professional tax planner can make to your business. Having the right tax structure in place can save you thousands of pounds.

Grants & funding opportunities.

Make sure you make the most of any available funding opportunities that enables your business to grow. We recently helped secure £250,000 for a client. As you can imagine, they were delighted!

Maximising annual allowances.

Transferring part of your business – creating a partnership, or gifting company shares to family members who work in the business are just a few ways to maximise allowances. With the right advice, you can make a huge difference.

*Mitchells is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 but we are able in certain circumstances to offer a limited range of investment services to clients because we are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.  We can provide these investment services if they are an incidental part of the professional services we have been engaged to provide.

Financial services are provided through our related firm Mitchells Financial Planning, which is a trading name of Milestone JV LLP, an Appointed Representative of Milestone FP Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the financial services authority under firm reference 779397.

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