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Tax investigations can be stressful, drawn-out and costly at times, make sure you have the tax investigation service for greater peace of mind!

If you need representation to protect your interests during HMRC investigations, cover provided by Croner Taxwise is an annual service that covers any professional fees that you incur whilst being investigated by the HMRC. The service includes specialist advice to make the process of tax compliance streamlined and stress-free. 

Tax Investigation Service is not just for business…

Investigations can be directed at anyone, HMRC will ask probing questions to individuals and disrupt businesses with their processes.

Once you are covered with Croner Taxwise’s service, you will have access to their experts in handling HMRC enquiries and have the cost of your fees covered throughout the investigation.

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Kathryn Booker

Practice Manager

(£ Million) the HMRC has spent on a new supercomputer to track your digital tax footprint

letters sent in one month to individuals suspected of not declaring all savings interest they had received in 2014/15

countries the HMRC can get information about your finances from

We are able to provide advice on all aspects of tax including…

Income Tax.

On a personal level we can use our in depth knowledge of tax legislation to be able to make full use of all the reliefs and allowances that you are entitled to.

If you are a company director we are able to assist you with remuneration planning in order to ensure that you reduce the total tax burden on your personal income taken from the company.

Capital Gains Tax.

This is a tax levied on profit from the sale of property or an investment.

Current rates of CGT can range from 10% to 28% depending on your circumstances, so it’s really important to seek out professional advice.

We can help you plan such sales by offering advice on allowances, reliefs and exemptions, as well as those all important timings, which can make a real difference in the quest to maximise efficiency.


Corporation Tax.

All UK limited companies are subject to Corporation Tax, which is a tax that is charged as a percentage of the annual profits made by a company.

Here at Mitchells we are able to offer a full service to minimise tax liabilities for your business, so you get to keep more of the profits.

Inheritance Tax.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax on the estate of someone who has died, including all property, possessions and money.

Generally only a small percentage of estates are large enough to incur Inheritance Tax, However, where there is a potential, we can help you work out what you need to pay and when. We can also advise on how to maximise all the allowances that are available, as well as offering independent financial advice via our strategic partner at Milestone, to help mitigate any pending IHT liabilities.


Value Added Tax (VAT) can be complex and confusing to many business owners, but here at Mitchells we work with you to ensure you’re VAT compliant but more importantly, that you’re not hit with unexpected bills.

Tax Planning

“Not only has Mitchells worked with us to professionalise our accounts and strategically plan our taxes, but they’ve also helped us develop the business.” Scott Ashmore, Club Taxis

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