Long term relationships built on a wealth of successfully taking businesses to the next level.

Growing a business can be difficult. You spend most of your time in the business – doing the work. To grow, you need either to work even harder, and be lucky, or you need to work smarter.

Here at Mitchells our specialist business team are dedicated to helping you work smarter in order to maximise opportunities to grow your business.

Utilising our services frees up more time for you to actually run your business and provide that all important great service to your customers.

With Mitchells you will get a dedicated accountancy and business advisory service that deals with all your needs. However, when it comes to helping you grow your business the real benefits come from the business advice we can bring to the table.

Whether you’re employing more people, bringing on board a new business partner, looking to buy a new business, move premises or raise funding, we can help you grow with our wealth of professional support and guidance.

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We can help with…

Business Advice.

Getting the right advice for your growing business could save you from making costly mistakes in the future. It’s crucial in the early stages as the business gets off the ground, but more importantly to keep you focused on what it takes to grow it. Learn more about our Business Advice service here.

Claiming R&D Tax Credits.

Working alongside our external R&D specialists, we are able to provide unparalleled experience to assist you with your R&D tax relief claims. We can look at past, present and future development activity to maximise your R&D tax relief opportunities. Find out more here.

Virtual Finance Director.

A key benefit of Virtual Finance Director is where we use your real time financial information to influence future business decisions and prevent problems – real proactive advice. Find out more here.


We can prepare simple or detailed cash flow forecasts for businesses in a range of scenarios, including funding applications or growth projections. We will liaise with all stakeholders to ensure they are prepared in a suitable format to achieve the required outcome and also ensure that they are fully explained and supported by tailored assumptions.

Financial Due Diligence.

Usually a pre-requisite for banks and venture capitalists, our due diligence service can also help uncover “skeletons in the closet” that might affect your decision to acquire or the price you are willing to pay. Our due diligence process will give you a much better understanding of the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your targeted proposition. Find out more here.

Marketing Support.

Calling on our years of experience and our connections within the marketing sector we are able to support you in your market strategy and planning. We also have connections with agencies and marketeers that can help with branding and digital marketing.

Access To Finance & Grant Funding.

Business grants come and go all the time. They offer a great way to provide a new or growing business with financial assistance. We will ensure you don’t miss out on any up and coming opportunities. However, if grants fail to be available for your business need, we can call on long term relationships with our funding providers, which, together with our experienced negotiating skills, allows us to obtain interest rates and lending terms than would not otherwise be available. Find out more about our Business & Grant Funding services here.

Use Of Technology To Create Efficiencies.

Technological advancements have completely redefined how we work with businesses. Innovations like cloud accounting increase business efficiency immensely, creating effective business management, insights and accessibility. Embracing technology is a powerful resource in the quest to grow a business. Here at Mitchells we are at the forefront of cloud technology and are always looking for the next innovation. Find out more here.

Tax Planning.

Tax planning is not just about understanding current tax legislation; it’s about ensuring your business continues to flourish, with no unwelcome surprises along the way. With Mitchells you have access to an expert team, who will work alongside you to minimise tax liabilities, identify tax planning opportunities and increase profitability. Find out more here.

Business Valuations.

Valuations are an important part in determining the economic value of a business for a variety of reasons, including business sale or purchase, mergers, probate valuation, CGT or IHT valuation, divorce settlement, partnership break ups and demergers. Here at Mitchells we draw on our many years of experience of both local markets and business sectors to help determine a fair value for your business.


Depending on your level of expertise we are able to offer training in accounts software, IT, and general business planning.

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