Becoming a Client


When we speak to people about changing accountants we often get the response “Our accountants have done everything asked of them.” Our response is: “Should you be asking them or should they be guiding and advising you?” We think the latter.

Becoming a Mitchells client couldn’t be easier. We aim to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible. More importantly, you will experience the tangible benefits immediately when you become a valued client of Mitchells.

     “The process of switching accountants was really simple thanks to Mitchells as they were on everything straight away. As soon as Mitchells came on board as our accountants, they dramatically helped our business.” Scott Ashmore, Club Taxis

When you become a Mitchells’ client, we pledge to…

Be there when you need us.


Ensure you receive no nasty surprises.


Deliver an exemplary level of service and added value.


Agree fixed fees upfront with no hidden extras.


Be competitive on price.


For a couple of years my accounts were handled by a firm based in Rotherham but I realise now that their practices were quite outdated and not suited to the modern business environment. Anna Melton, In the Works PR

How can we help you?

 t: +44 (0)1246 274121