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Wouldn’t it be good if you could manage all your accounts, cash flow, debt collection and profitability from one single source? Wouldn’t it be good if a system that allowed you to manage in this way was linked to your bank account, enabling you to accurately capture every incoming and outgoing? What if it could also automate labour intensive tasks such as reconciling bank accounts and chasing overdue invoices. What if we could all access it all collaboratively and simultaneously via web browser or mobile app, at any time, day or night, in a totally secure way?

Welcome to ‘Cloud Accounting’ – A technological advancement that has completely redefined how we work with our clients.

Cloud accounting is not just about accountancy, it’s about effective business management and insight. For example, using cloud technology, we can set Key Performance Indicators and track progress against those targets with real time data. We can identify opportunities and issues in a timely manner and provide advice to positively shape your business.

As well as developing our own award winning cloud based accounting solution (CloudMitchells) we are also accredited users of the major cloud accounting software providers:

We utilise cloud accounting software in conjunction with our cloud-based conferencing and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams, allowing us face to face contact with clients all over the world, as and when they need us.

We are committed to nurturing clients for life, being accessible 365 days a year, communicating quickly and efficiently in offering quality proactive advice, not just when asked, but when we feel it can make a real difference.

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Helen Wilkinson

Corporate Manager

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Cloud accounting gives you…

Collaboration with your adviser.

Cloud accounting software gives instant access to financial data, making it easier for businesses to collaborate with their advisers.

Unlimited free software upgrades.

All future software upgrades are provided free, avoiding the trouble and costs associated with updating and replacing.

Full assistance with setup and reporting.

We can provide assistance in the setting up of your accounts, suppliers and customers and provide support with the creation of appropriate performance reports

Ability to stay on top of cash flow.

Accessing financial data on the go and viewing the business dashboard provides a snapshot of the business’ cash flow position at any time, giving you real time information to make the right business decisions.

Secure back-ups.

Reassurance that your data is backed up for easier disaster recovery should the worst happen.

Spread of costs.

Monthly payment plans on a pay as you go basis with no upfront capital costs.

Range of training provisions.

There is a whole range of online webinars, course materials, support lines, community forums etc. We can also offer a range of training options suited to your business needs, either group based or one to one.

Invoicing on the go.

Send quotes and invoices for a job while still with a customer and add payment services to encourage customers to pay faster.

A boost to your efficiency and scalability.

Automate labour intensive tasks such as reconciling bank accounts and chasing overdue invoices and access a whole range of specialist apps suited to your industry.

“When we first started using CloudMitchells we were immediately able to ease admin pressures, giving us confidence to immediately expand the business”  Adam Knights – Knights Care Ltd

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