Virtual Finance Director

Why have one person steering the financial path of your business when you can have an entire team?

If you’re a growing business and considering employing a full time Finance Director (FD), then we think you will be excited by our ‘Virtual FD’ alternative, delivered through our award-winning Cloud Accounting service.

In our experience SME’s often do not have the workload to warrant a full time FD position and that person can end up fulfilling the role of a very expensive bookkeeper. A Finance Director, as the title would suggest, should provide financial direction for the business, helping it access relevant grants and finance to enable it to grow and prosper.

Virtual Finance Director (FD) provides you with years of sharp end financial and management experience, at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time person. It also gives you access to a team of qualified experts who can support and advise on a number of key areas that drive business success.

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believe technology will make the concept of "your desk" defunct and that in the future everyone will work through a mobile device


of Small Business owners rely on mobile devices to manage operations


The average decrease in workload a Small Business is likely to see by utilising a Cloud Based solution

So what exactly is Virtual Finance Director, how does it work and what benefits will it bring to my business?

Proactive Advice.

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at accountants is that they are reactive and only do what they are asked to do. This may work for some small businesses, but if your’e serious about growing and being successful you need to know about things before they happen. The key benefit of Virtual Finance Director is in being able to gather, analyse and use your real time financial information to influence future business decisions. 

Prevention is better than the cure.

By monitoring real time financial information, we can spot issues emerging before they become problematic. Areas like debt collection, cash flow issues, profitability problems etc, can all be addressed long before they become a major dilemma.

Peace of mind.

Knowing we are keeping an eye on the financial performance of your business provides real peace of mind. It ensures you do not miss out on important compliance or legislative changes that could affect you tax position, payroll or employee pension provision. Ultimately it frees up time for you to drive your business to the next level in the knowledge that professional advice is always on hand, not just when asked, but when we feel it can make a real difference. 

Virtual Finance Director

“Mitchells provide us with full-service accounting and financial direction. With their expertise they have moved us from an Excel-based finance model to a cloud based system, which is a huge improvement for our group. Banks are now really impressed with the detailed information we can provide, which is a major advantage when we complete sales on new properties.” – Wendy Waddicor – MD – Hill Care Ltd

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