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Rebecca Hope is the Office Manager at Stubbins & Hope Ltd, a family-owned firm of Funeral Directors based in Bolsover.

She joined the independent, family-owned business in 2013. Prior to Rebecca joining the business, all accounting was done manually and written in a ledger. This meant that outstanding invoices were difficult to locate. When Rebecca took over the accounts, she discovered ledgers dating back to the 1940s.

Recognising there was a more efficient way to manage the accounts Rebecca, who is AAT qualified, implemented Sage accounting software in the business at the start of the company’s new financial year.

Here, Rebecca explains how the introduction of Sage to manage the company’s accounts has freed up time in her working week to develop other areas of the business.

Stubbins & Hope Funeral Directors

Why did you decide to use an online accounting programme to manage the business’ accounts?

I spent six months using the old manual accounting system and it took me days each week to keep on top of things. I knew that Sage would dramatically free up my time and also enable us to get money into the business more quickly as everything is instantly at my fingertips.

How difficult is it to use Sage?

Although it is not difficult to learn how to use the programme, it’s reassuring that Sage is always on the end of the phone and happy to help.”

How is Sage benefitting you and the business?

Sage saves me days every week in admin time. With the spare time, I am now learning how to do funeral arranging so that I can be more hands on in the business.

Sage software even ‘talks’ to a funeral manager programme which undertakes all estimates and invoicing in the business, ensuring everything is co-ordinated and nothing is forgotten about.

Each Friday I run a financial report for the business. The report flags up any creditors so that they can be chased and the money brought into the business more quickly.


Has using an online accounting package made Year End less stressful?

Year End is never nice, but using software like Sage means there is no last minute rush trying to get everything together, including a big box of paper receipts and invoices, it’s all there at the touch of a button. I simply give Mitchells access to our account and they have all the information they need to prepare our year end accounts.

“Year End is never nice, but using software like Sage means there is no last minute rush trying to get everything together, it’s all there at the touch of a button.” – Rebecca Hope, Office Manager, Stubbins & Hope Ltd

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