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Treste Hire & Sales Limited

Treste Hire & Sales employs 15 people from its base in Chesterfield where it specialises in the hire of plant and associated consumables to the power generation industry amongst others.

The Directors of Treste Hire and Sales Limited have worked with Mitchells since 2002 and during this period have formed an excellent and highly rewarding relationship.

Here, Director Mags Kay explains why she values the relationship the company has developed with Mitchells.

Treste Hire & Sales Limited

What do you attribute to the length of your relationship with Mitchells?

“This company endeavours to develop long-term relationships with service providers, suppliers and customers alike.  Having actively woven this ethos into the fabric of our business it has proven to yield good results for Treste.  We are pleased to say that Mitchells is no exception to this ethos.

Treste is a family orientated business and Mitchells respects this. Our business is operated with tight disciplines in all areas. The majority of our staff have been with us for many years and are a well-trained plant hire team of good hard working local folk.

During the time we have been with Mitchells, its team has developed a good understanding our business and the requirements needed.  It is an essential part of business development that a strong financial advisory service is in the background and that this service should include an excellent ability to advise on tax, pensions, banking and other business related matters that may arise.

During the years we have worked with Mitchells we believe that a very strong and trusting relationship has formed and that it is highly suited to meet our continued growth and requirements.”

How does Mitchells help your business?

“We have our own accountant and continue to develop our own computing systems. Mitchells however, is our auditor and prepares our year-end accounts for both our Treste Hire and Sales Limited and Treste Investments Limited businesses.  Mitchells’ expertise in this field is essential to us, especially when there are so many different tax liabilities that Limited companies are exposed to.  Mitchells/ work in this area is not only essential, it is effective and efficient.”

How has Mitchells’ service changed during the time you have been working with them?

“Mitchells has invested heavily in staff and their training.  As a result, it is able to offer an excellent training service with Sage systems if and when required, and also able to ‘hire out’ its staff should the need arise.

The greatest asset that a business has is undoubtedly its staff. Where Mitchells’ staff is concerned, from the bottom to the top, I have always found courtesy, warmth and a high level of understanding of Treste and its requirements.

We are pleased to work with Mitchells and would highly recommend the firm to others like Treste, who are a small to medium-sized business with strong growth potential and where management must work on the day-to-day running of the business.

We believe in having the best man for the job and in this instance, we have the best in Mitchells for the job.”


“We believe in having the best man for the job and in this instance, we have the best in Mitchells for the job.” Mags Kay, Director, Treste

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